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Higher Graphic Communication – Drawing Ability

Below you will find links which will show various areas of the Drawing Ability element of the course. These will assist you in revising for the prelim and exam as well as consolidating your learning.

Auxiliary Elevation – Prompted

Auxiliary elevation

Auxiliary induction

Auxiliary Plan Prompted

Ellipse Circle Method – Prompted

Ellipse Trammel Method – Prompted

Interpenetration 1

Interpenetration – Prompted

Isometric Prompted

Isometric Assembled Prompted

Isometric Exploded Prompted

Isometric Sectioned – Prompted

Location Drawing Prompted

Measured Perspective 1 Prompted

Measured Perspective 2 Prompted

Measured Perspective 3 Prompted

Measured perspective

Oblique Prompted

Orthographic 1 Prompted

Orthographic 2 Prompted

Orthographic Sectioned Prompted

Planometric Prompted

Tangency 1 Prompted

Tangency 2 Prompted

Tangency 3 Prompted

Tangency presentation

Threading Prompted


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