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Buying Discounted Past Papers for Maths Exams

Revision at home is essential for success in SQA Maths and Applications of Maths exams.  Using past SQA exam papers is one way of doing this.  We have also given other revision questions out for free to all pupils.

We have put all past papers for each exam on our website where you can access them for free: you can find these via our webpages (National 5 MathsNational 5 Applications of MathsHigher), but you will need the username and password: teachers will tell you this in class.

However we realise people also often prefer to buy paper versions of the past papers to help with their revision.  We are able to offer past paper books at a discounted price of £7 (£9.99 in shops).   Orders must be placed by Tuesday 30th January 2018.   To find out the details, click on the links below to download the letter for your course:

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