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Mr Watkins: Homeworks 2017-2018

Click on your year group:  S1  S4  S5/6

S1 (class 1b4) –

  • Hand-in homework will be set every week on Monday, and due on Thursday.
  • Homework set:
    • Week beginning 8th January: individual sheet issued to each person.
    • Week beginning 30th October: counting up/down.  Glued into homework jotters.
    • Week beginning 2nd October: taking away.  Glued into homework jotters
    • Week beginning 25th September: adding.  Glued into homework jotters.


S4 National 4 Applications of Maths (class 4b7) –

  • ongoing: two booklets of mixed worksheets given to each pupil: one calculator, one non-calculator.  A letter has been sent to parents/carers explaining how this system will work.  Hand in to Mr Watkins every 3-4 weeks for marking.


S5/6 Higher Maths (class 5c1) –


  • Old homeworks:
    • Hand-in exam revision homework 7 begun in class Friday 16th and due Wednesday 21st March.  Download here: 5c1courserevisionhw180321sa.
    • Hand-in exam revision homework 6 begun in class Friday 23rd and due Wednesday 28th February.  Download here: 5c1courserevisionhw180228sa
    • Hand-in exam revision homework 5 begun in class Friday 9th and due Wednesday 14th February.  Download here: 5c1courserevisionhw180214
    • Hand-in exam revision homework 4 begun in class Friday 26th and due Wednesday 31st January.  Download here: 5c1courserevisionhw180131
    • Hand-in exam revision homework 3 begun in class Friday 12th and due Wednesday 17th January.  Download here: 5c1courserevisionhw180119.
    • Hand in exam revision homework 2 begun in class Friday 1st and due Wednesday 6th December.  Download here: 5c1courserevisionhw171206.
    • Hand in exam revision homework begun in class Friday 17th and due Wednesday 22nd November.  Download here: 5c1courserevisionhw171124.
    • Hand in homework due Wednesday 2nd November.  Download here: 5c1hw3.
    • complete textbook exercises as follows:
      • Ratio page 157 Questions 3 and 5a
      • Collinearity page 155 Exercise 12.3
      • differentiation:
        • exercises from 2nd/3rd November: Page 171, Exercise 13.3; Page 173, Ex13.5, Q1-10; Page 174, Ex13.6; Page 174, Ex13.7, Q1-8; Page 175, Ex13.8; Page 176, Ex13.9
        • complete worksheet on non-calculator derivatives from Monday 6/11/17: download here – H RC 1.3 WS Derivatives notation non-calculator DGW
        • Tangent lines from 9th&10th November: Exercise 14.1
      • intersection of circles: page 65 Exercise 4.7.  Question 3 as a minimum; others for practice if you wish.  For those aiming for an A/B, look at Q7&8.
    • from before the half-term holiday:
    • complete textbook exercises as follows:
      • Pages 42-43 Exercise 3.7  (graphs from roots)
        Page 35 Exercise 3.3 Q1 (quotient/remainder)
        Page 36 Exercise 3.4 Q1 (quotient/remainder/fraction)
        Page 38, Exercise 3.5, Q1-8
        Page 40, Exercise 3.6, Q1-6
        Page 39, Exercise 3.5, Q9-13
      • Related functions (from class on 28/9): page 137 Q3&5, p139 Q1&2, p141 Q1,4,6a,7
    • complete practice unit assessment ready to go over in class on MONDAY.  Download here
    • finish textbook exercise on functions that was begun in class
    • homework sheet 2 to be handed in (preferably on loose paper) Wednesday 20th SeptemberHigher Homework 2
    • complete worksheet on recurrence relations begun in class.
    • sheet on straight lines and circles to be completed by Friday 1st SeptemberHigher Homework 1   Solutions (thanks to Mr Ahmed): 5c1hw1 solutions
    • complete textbook exercises on recurrence relations: Page 21, Exercise 2.2; and page 23 Exercise 2.3 Q4&5
    • sheet from class Monday 19/6/17.  The questions with diagrams (others are optional) to be completed by Wednesday 21/6/17H A 1.1 WS Lines in Triangles 2
    • sheet from class Wednesday 21/6/17 and Thursday 22/6/17 to be completed by Monday 26/6/17H A 1.1 WS Lines in Triangles Past Exam Questions DGW
    • sheet from class Wednesday 14/6/17 to be completed for Friday 16/6/17: H A 1.1 WS Equations of Straight Lines DGW

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