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Mr McMillan’s Nepal Diary

Mr McMillan (RME) is spending the year in India and Nepal and has written a letter to the pupils telling us all about his trip so far

Journeys of the Holocaust Evening: Please Join Us

Friday 31st January. 6pm-8.30pm, information on tickets and the event can be found here

Nativity Video from RME: Jeremy Kyle spoof

What would happen if Mary and Joseph appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show? Find out with this video, made by our RME students for our Christmas service

Int 2 Islam Revelation of the Qur’an Revision

Revelation of the Qur’an Revision

Philosophy Intermediate 2 Metaphysics Definitions

•A posteriori: Knowable or justified from experience.

•A priori: Knowable or justified independently of experience.

•Cosmological argument: A type of argument that makes an inference from observations of the world (or cosmos) to a unique being (God).

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Medical Ethics Euthanasia Revision

Psychology Revision

Psy nab prep 2

First Cause revision

First Cause Revision

Christianity – Jesus powerpoint

Information about the crucifixion of Jesus.

Christianity Revision

Intermediate 1 homework, good for Christianity revision.

Santa: the real deal?

Is Santa real or not? And what exactly is the true meaning of Christmas? The video “Santa: the real deal?” produced by RMPS and used in the Christmas service on the last day of term can now be viewed on youtube at

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