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Higher Spanish Homework Due Monday 19th March

Listening and Writing exam style paper.

Set aside one hour to do the whole thing or come and do it at study club on Wednesday.

Listening file is on Edmodo as it’s too big to upload here.

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S4/5/6 German work

S4/5/6 German

National 5 Spanish work for Friday 2nd March

Once you’ve finished your 3 paragraphs (diet, exercise and smoking), try this essay under exam conditions (dictionary, 40 minutes maximum time)


You are preparing an application for the job advertised below and you write an e-mail in Spanish to the company.

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Higher Spanish work for Friday 2nd March

Higher Spanish Work – Friday 2nd March


Write an essay about what you did with your snow days and what you plan to do next weekend. If you can think of other ways to fit in different tenses – do that too! 120-150 words as usual. Please have this ready to hand in on Monday.

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S3 language classes


A wee bit of food for thought about using google translate. How does it work for your language?

Languages senior classes

Just a reminder that there is work available on edmodo for Spanish and French.

Nat 5 should be preparing for their written assignment (15% of your final grade) and Higher have their talks to do (30% of final grade).

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S2 Languages classes

Ma routine_teddy

Remember, you need to revise vocabulary thoroughly.

We are doing body parts, illnesses, remedies. We have also covered daily routine and time. Use linguascope to help you revise.

Or try this ppt idea and do it in the language you are learning. You can use your teddies if you don’t have a dog (see yesterday’s blog).

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S1 Languages classes

Remember it is important you keep revising vocabulary.

French – places in town (en ville)

Spanish – sports (los deportes)

German – school subjects (die Schulfacher)


Use linguascope to help you.

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S1 Spanish work


try the matching and test on this webpage, good revision for next week’s lesson

S3 French snow day work



Please describe your best friend

mon meilleur ami / ma meilleure amie est …


this website ( will give you some cool expressions

Ma meilleure amie est bavarde, elle me tape sur les nerfs! (My best friend is chatty, she gets on my nerves!)

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S2 French snow day work

Daily routine



Take a few minutes to revise the time and daily routine, please see ppt attached for inspiration. Prize for the best one!

email them to Mme Leslie.

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S1 French work



You have a talking assessment coming up. The video below is great for you to add extra details and reach a Level 3S

Give it a go and surprise us with your fantastic French!

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Snowday work for S4-6 French

Today gives you a great opportunity to revise for your assessments:

National 4 – Learn talks

National 5 – Writing preparation (15% of your final grade)

Higher – Talk – Finish preparing your questions and start learning your presentations (30% of final grade!)

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Snow Ready Materials – Nat 4/5 and Higher Spanish

If extreme weather conditions affect your getting to school over the next few days, please ensure you do the following:

Nat 5 – complete draft of health writing including food, exercise and smoking (helpsheet attached for smoking)

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Higher Translation Homework – Due Monday 12th Feb

Translation with grammar questions too. Translation Homework Feb 2018