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Higher Spanish Listening Homework

Due Tuesday 21st of November – The Importance of Learning Languages.

Listening questions for homework

Paris 18

This year we are once again going to Paris



Monday 25th June 2018 Depart school – Train to Paris (approx 6am)

Dinner at the Fiap hostel

Evening visit to Arc de Triomphe

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Higher Spanish Translation Homework – Due Monday 6th November

Translate the 10 sentences – designed to test your knowledge of tenses, grammar and word order.


Translation Homework 4th November

Higher Listening Homework – Scottish School System

Due Thursday 2nd November.

If it’s not working, come and do it in my room on Tuesday after school or at study club on Wednesday.


Miss Reed Spanish s3 Homework due Tuesday 26th (3s2) and Wednesday 27th (3s5)

As usual, pick either A or B. B is more challenging. Optional extras if you want to push yourself!


TV hw 1

Miss Reed Spanish S2 Homework due Tuesday 26th September

As usual, pick A or B. B is more challenging and there are optional extras if you really want to push yourself! Printed copies in jotters already.

uniform hw

Nat 5 Spanish Employability Homework Due Monday 25th September

Employability Homework 3

This is a reading based on the skills and qualities work we’ve been doing in class. Please come to study club Wednesday or Thursday after school if you are struggling or send me questions on Edmodo.

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Miss Reed Spanish s2 Homework Due Tuesday 12th September

Issued on Tuesday 5th.

Choice of A or B (B is more challenging)

Homework due Tuesday 12th September

Miss Reed Higher Spanish Homework Due Monday 11th September

70-100 words on the topic of ‘¿Hay problemas en tu vida?.

Success criteria and helpsheet attached.

Higher Spanish Writing Helpsheet

Miss Reed National 5 Spanish Homework Due 12/9/17

Employability Homework 1

Please write on the sheet and save in your folder under ‘Employability’. This is revision before we start our new topic next week.

National 5 French

Hood website to revise basic language


Remember to also use linguascope – get user name and password from me

Higher and Nat 5 Listening podcast

A few revision website for Easter



Improve your listening technique



Listening practice with or without tapescript



Improve your listening skills!!

—Listen to every past paper you can, then listen again with the transcript, to train your ear to hear.

—Use all the Scholar listening material, then listen again with the transcript revealed.

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Improved study skills for upcoming Language exams

How to develop good study habits

1. Learn vocabularly regularly – little and often is the best way.

Following a lesson or past papers, look over vocabulary and learn any new words.

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Paris 2017



Just a reminder that we are meeting on the 18th of May at 6pm in the school.


Please ensure you are organised well in advance with your health insurance card and passport.

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