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All S5/6 pupils: Scottish Independence Debate

S5/6 pupils: prepare for debate on Scottish independence in SE on Thursday

S6 UCAS Applicants

Following today’s talk from Ged from LEAPS, here is the link to register your interest in LEAPS Summer School:

Cooking in the Learning Hub with Alex

S1 pupil Alex has made a good start to “Alex the Chef”. He has made a list of 10 items he wants to cook over the term. So far he has made: CUPCAKES, CHICKEN CURRY, PIZZA and ICED BISCUITS. Here are some photos of Alex in the kitchen and his finished products. More to come!!

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Cooking in the Learning Hub with Jamie

S1 pupil Jamie has enjoyed some cooking in the Learning Hub. He has set up a 10 week menu of foods he would like to make. First on the list were these delicious cupcakes.

Cupcakes photo 3 4 5

Leaf Investigation

S1 pupil Jamie has been out in the woods being a nature detective and found out the kind of trees we have at Newbattle.


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2KL PSE, Mrs Ross, Planners to be signed.

Remember to get your Planner signed by your parent/carers.

Signatures due Thursday 13th Sept.

stay organised! 🙂

Mrs Ross 1GP PSE class task to finish at home

PSE Task started in class today: draw all the uniform items you are expected to wear and all the equipment you are expected to bring to school. The challenge is to use only drawings- do not use any words or text.

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Learning Hub Olympic Display

See here photos of the Olympic displays done by pupils in s1 and the pupils who come to the Learning Hub