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N4 AVU Form – Discursive Essay

Understanding and Evaluation for AVU

Snowday #3: Miss Penny – Friday

Period 1 – 5B3:

  • Work on your folio pieces (both creative and discursive) to ensure they’re ready for submission. Remember your discursive essay must include a bibliography. Email me completed folio pieces.

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Friday Work for Ms Leonard’s Classes


Today would have been your library period so you can use today to read your library books. If you do not have your book at home with you then you can do the following:

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Miss McKenzie’s Classes – Friday Work


Answer these questions on Act 2 of Frankenstein.

1.Why does Felix want to leave Agathe the musket?

2.Why is Agathe not afraid of the Monster?

3.How does the Monster feel? Why does he feel this way?

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Snowbound Work for Mr Greig’s Friday Classes

Work for Higher and S2.

Snow Day #2 – Miss Penny: Thursday

Period one: 3a4

  • Make sure you have completed your Dulce et Decorum Est Critical Essay and your Letter from the Trenches (Most of you have – this was outstanding homework from some of you)

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Miss McKenzie – Thursday’s classes


As neither class have a copy of their class novel at home (Zom-B or A Monster Calls), please continue with your own personal reading and complete one of the homework tasks attached

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Snowbound Work for Ms Leonard’s Thursday Classes

Snowbound Work for Ms Leonard’s Classes

Snowbound Work for Mr Greig’s Thursday Classes

Thursday work for Mr Greig’s classes

Snowday #1 – Miss Penny’s classes

All National 5 classes: 4A1/5A3/5B3

Can you all please complete this 8 mark question:

“By referring closely to this poem, and to at least one other poem by Duffy, show how the poet uses word choice and/or imagery effectively to convey theme(s).”

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Snowbound Work for Mrs Brown’s/Mr Simpson’s Classes

Work for the classes of Mrs Brown/Mr Simpson.

Snow Day work for Miss McKenzie’s Classes

Miss McKenzie Snow Day work

Snow Work For Mr Porteous’ Classes

  • S4-S6: Folios, Folios, Folios. Use this time to work on redrafts of your 2 folio pieces. For National 5, remember the deadline is this Friday. Any completed work can be emailed to me and I will transfer it to the official SQA template and add your candidate number. Remember to include your bibliographies!

S3: Added Value Work. Use this time to continue researching the sugar tax. Please note, this involves researching and making notes from articles online, not downing Irn Bru and reminiscing about how it used to taste.

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Snowbound Work for Ms Leonard’s Classes

Snowbound Work for Ms Leonard’s Classes

Snowbound Work for Mr Greig’s Classes

Work for S1 – S6 and Fast Track.