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27 November 2020

Brass Players

Brass lessons are back on this week.  Check Google Classroom or the timetable in Music if you are not sure when it is.

All brass players should attend.

Mrs McLeod

Extra-Curricular Sports Clubs

All extra-curricular sports clubs will start back after the Christmas holidays. In the run up to the Christmas break, keep an eye out for the extra-curricular timetable and how to sign up to clubs that will start in January.  If you have any questions or suggestions for sports clubs please me Miss Butler in PE.

Maths Challenge

November maths challenge has been extended to Monday Break time.

Please return your entries with your name and home room to either your maths teacher or Mr Ahmed before interval on Monday.

See challenge below:-

A Catherine wheel spins for exactly 24 seconds.

How many do I need to use to get a continuous display that lasts at least 6 minutes?