COVID-19 Updates


All advice and information is subject to change rapidly.  We endeavour to keep all information up to date.

27 August 2020

School Return Letter 5 Face Masks 27th Aug 2020

26 August 2020

Parent / Carer Letter 26th August 2020

20 August 2020 School Return Letter 4

Thank you for your support in making this a successful and safe return.  Our students are trying hard, making this work and are following the new procedures well.  Almost all of our students understand why the new procedures are in place in schools in Scotland.

PE Change of Clothes

We have listened to parents/carers views, monitored how the PE guidance has been applied in other local authorities and are now confident to return to full changing in PE.

We have risk assessed the changing rooms and put in place extra support so that our students can now all come to school in full uniform and change into PE kit when they have PE/Dance.  Examples of measures taken include a dedicated cleaner to the changings rooms for every period, increased social distancing by using community changing rooms etc.  Please ensure students bring PE kit appropriate for the weather because we can still only use outside as per guidance.


Thank you for dropping off students furthest away from the door and as close to 8:25am as possible – this has helped us massively with our flow.  A reminder that students should not gather at the start of the day at the bus lane waiting for friends and instead meet them in the supervised playground at the back of the school.  We will remind them too.


Attendance has been excellent and let’s work together to keep this up.


We have dramatically reduced late coming which helps us stay safe in these times.  We now have a designated member of staff (Miss Stansfield, Pupil Care and Welfare Officer) for lates.  She will use a number of strategies to make sure that the very few repeat latecomers are supported and challenged.  During these times it is vital that students take responsibility for arriving back on time (or before) from break/lunch to prevent crossing over “bubbles” of year groups and keeping us safe.


I confirm that our water fountains have always been on so that students can refill bottles.  The mouthpiece part has been switched off for safety.


We are continuing discussions to get music running as quickly as we can.  We are at the risk assessment stage.


Cooking will start from Monday 24th August 2020.  If pupils wish to wear face masks then we would support that.

We feel very fortunate to have such a strong community working together to make sure this return continues as well as it has.

Newbattle Senior Leadership Team

12 August 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please click here for an update on free school meals

Newbattle Senior Leadership Team.

10 August 2020

School return letter 3 10th Aug 2020

Newbattle Senior Leadership Team.

07 August 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

Below please find a school return letter and back to school booklet explaining our return to school plans and expectations in more detail.

Back to School Booklet

School return letter 2 7th Aug 20

Newbattle Senior Leadership Team.

06 August 2020

Letter For Parents and Carers 060820

Newbattle Senior Leadership Team.

05 August 2020

School Return – August 2020

Thank you very much for your continued support and patience over the last 4 months.  On 30th July the Scottish Government announced all school students will return by Tuesday 18th August 2020.  Midlothian Council met Head Teachers on 4th August and issued further guidance around school return.  

It is important that we all work together and understand our individual and collective responsibilities to ensure a safe return to full time school.  This includes your child.

School Phased Return Dates

Newbattle has agreed a phased return to support student and staff wellbeing.  A transition back after so long will help us reconnect safely, explain alterations to school procedures to students, provide timetable information and return to full time education in a supportive way.  We can confirm that students will return as follows:

Monday 10th August – Staff In-service Day – no students
Tuesday 11th August – Staff In-service Day – no students
Wednesday 12th August – All S1 and all Moorfoot House students only
Thursday 13th August – All S1 and all Pentland House students only
Friday 14th August – all S1 and all Lammermuir House students only
From Monday 17th August, all students will be back in school full time. 


The school will open to students at 8:15am each day.  Parents/carers are not allowed in school.  We ask that you drop off any students at a point furthest from the door to prevent any gatherings.  Thank you in advance for this.

Students who do not use school transport should not arrive any earlier.  School transport will operate as previously.   Students arriving by school transport prior to 8:15am will be directed to a designated, supervised area until the start of school.

No food will be available to buy in school therefore students should bring their own snacks, water and packed lunch.  Students can bring their own school bag, but should minimise personal belongings.

Full school uniform is expected and we will exchange old ties for a free new House tie.  S1 students who did not receive their tie in June will be issued with it on return.   Our school dress code remains the same of black jeans/trousers/skirt, white shirt/blouse with school tie and a black jumper.  No leggings.  Our full school dress code can be viewed on our school website.

More detailed information and guidance will follow later this week.

We have missed our school and are very much looking forward to welcoming all of our students back where we will see our values in action once more as a community.  #AIMHIGHER.

Newbattle Senior Leadership Team.

26th June 2020, 3:00pm

Free School Meals during the summer period

Since 24 March children have been receiving a free school meal through the provision of direct payments, home deliveries and provision in educational or early year’s settings. Midlothian Council have agreed to continue to provide free school meal provision as a BACS payment over the summer to our  most vulnerable families due to the increased range of people facing new or continuing barriers to accessing food including due to reduced income. If you have been receiving a packed lunch delivery your school or nursery will contact you to make arrangements for payments. Parents currently receiving BACS will continue to do so and no action is required.

Payments will made 4 weekly, in advance from Friday 26.6.20.   This payment method will remain in place until national guidance on the reopening of schools and return to the new normal is confirmed.  Please email any enquiries to

26th June 2020, 3:00pm

HT Update June 2020

Local Phasing Delivery Plan 240620


Please find attached our June update, a letter from our authority and their plans.  Thank you for all of your support throughout this – it means a lot.  We miss the students and are excited to have them return safely after summer.  More information will come late July and through August from us.  More details can be found in the attached HT Update June 2020.

Newbattle Senior Leadership team

24th June 2020, 9:00am


You may be aware that John Swinney, the Depute First Minister has, this afternoon, made a statement in the Scottish Parliament about all children and young people returning to school on 12 August. The Depute First Minister indicated that the Scottish Government’s planning assumption is now to have all pupils returning to schools 12 August, if it is safe to do so. He has also indicated that this will be conditional and dependent upon scientific and health advice. Clearly, our schools are delighted at the prospect of welcoming all of our pupils back to school in August with the knowledge that it is safe to do so.

Midlothian Council’s local delivery plans to deliver a blended learning model will remain in place as a contingency and essential preparation in case they are needed. We would like to assure you that all Midlothian schools have a robust blended learning plan ready to be implemented should that be the requirement.

We are now urgently considering the implications of this announcement on our plans for August. It is clear that final decisions on a full return will not be confirmed until during the summer holidays. We are awaiting further specific guidance and will be in touch with you again as soon as we can.   We continue to work on the assumption that staff will return to school on the 10 August 2020 and pupils will return on the 12 August 2020.

We appreciate that this is a fast changing situation and you will be keen to know what this means for your child/children. As this change has to be achieved safely, it inevitably remains conditional and dependent upon ongoing scientific and health advice, therefore we are committed to continuing to share information with you as soon as we can, including during the summer holidays.

19th June 2020, 12:05pm

We hope that you and your family are well.

As we approach our final week of the school term, there will be more detailed information to pass to you before we break for summer.  Please be assured that all staff here have continued working above and beyond, as well as handling their own personal situations (home learning, dependencies etc).

Thank you to all of our parent/carers for your continued trust and support.  The replies to us have been hugely positive, motivating and help us in planning.  These show us what a fantastic community we have, all working together to support the best plans for our young people.

School Recovery

Our school recovery plans are with the authority for review to ensure that they adhere to Scottish Government and HMI approval.   As soon as I am allowed to share our school recovery plans with staff, parent/carers and students, I will.  This should be around Wednesday 24th June.

As we prepared this week for our staff return and reconnection we were in Phase 1 of the Scottish Route Map through and out of the crisis.  We are now in Phase 2.  As we return in August, it is predicted that we will be in Phase 3.  You will understand that this brings about changes in guidance and advice which directly affects our planning.


Staff have had a very successful week of reconnecting with each other.  It was great to see so many in person and connecting virtually.  Messages delivered this week with staff included;

  • A huge thank you to all staff
    • A run through of how much we have accomplished to date – staggering!  We will create an infographic on this detailed later.
    • Politically, schools and education are under scrutiny.  We could not be more proud of everyone’s effort at Newbattle.  This was echoed by our parent council
  • Health and safety
    • Social Distancing (2m where reasonably practical)
    • Enhanced Personal Hygiene (Hand Washing)
    • Reducing contact with shared objects/surfaces and protocols for cleaning
  • Blended Learning
    • In school and at home learning which will continue in the in-service days
  • School recovery plans with authority awaiting acceptance.
    • Must be in line with Government expectations
    • Phased return proposed are like when we moved to our building here
    • Staggered break and lunchtimes
    • 1:1 devices as quickly as we can
    • Relaxed dress code for pupils (appropriate and no football colours) – professional for staff
    • More information to come from SQA

Phase 2

Phase 2 guidance can be found at

Some Accomplishments to date

Here is a small sample of what we have accomplished together to date in the most difficult of situations.  I could not be more proud to be at Newbattle and I know that we all feel the same! In approximate numbers:

  • Week 13
  • Up to and over 700 meals per day made here, delivered by our staff for 6 weeks including holidays
  • Over 400 devices into the community for our learners.  More on order
  • 1500 pens/pencils with paper etc in local shops free to families
  • 53 Hub families supported
  • Over 20 secondary staff used (67 volunteered Easter holidays within the space of 2hrs! Others felt guilty that they could not at that time help)
  • Over 30 primary staff used
  • Over 300 hand sanitisers
  • Over 3000 postcards sent to homes, elderly in our community, hospitals
  • 250 sunflowers sent to care homes, hospital wards
  • Over 600 visors individually made to key workers the right way without groups in the building
  • Recruited x13 staff (including 6 Newly Qualified Teachers)
  • Full P7 transition with virtual tour, lessons, question/answers…
  • Royal endorsement on twitter from the Royal Family’s account
  • x16 full school risk assessments to date
  • x1 full cross party council meeting sharing Newbattle school and Hub experience
  • x3 Environmental health and safety walk-throughs
  • Over 50 staff devices handed out
  • Over 300 google classrooms supporting learning (and paper packs continue to be created and driven to the houses)
  • Education continued for every student
  • Every family contacted at least once with our some families more often
  • Learning technologist team supported over 100 families and over 20 staff

Amazing how Newbattle community pulls together!

Thank you again for your commitment and dedication.

Newbattle Senior Leadership team

19th June 2020, 1:05pm

COVID 19 Bulletin                19 JUNE 2020

Urgent Action: Parental Survey Required by Tuesday 23 June at 5pm

Parents & Carers to complete before Tuesday 23rd June regarding:

  • Key worker status of parents and carers
  • Availability of devices
  • Experience of home learning
  • transport

11th June 2020, 4:05pm

The Midlothian Promise

2nd June 2020, 11:00am

020620 Letter To Parents Inset

29th May 2020, 15:00pm

29th May 2020 Parents/Carers

Please find attached a letter initially explaining the re-start of school in August.  Newbattle remain committed to helping everyone through this difficult transition.  Our new timetable starts on Monday 1st June, from home, continuing with our Distance Learning Google Classroom programme.  Classroom codes will be available from Monday on our school website, Parent/Carer Launchpad, Google Classroom Codes –  As the attached letter explains;

Newbattle school is scheduled to re-open to all pupils on 13th August 2020 through blended learning (a rota of some in school and some from home)

  • The 11th and 12th August are confirmed as In-service days for staff
  • All students are planned to experience some parts of their learning in school and some at home – blended learning.  We will be timetabling who/when/what etc and communicate this to you as soon as possible
  • More planning and information will follow.

Please trust that we are continually working on this and are following all national/local guidance and best practice.

Thank you very much for your continued support and more details will follow as it emerges.

Newbattle Senior Leadership Team

28th May 2020, 9:30am

Message for Parents and Carers from Scottish Government

As you may already be aware, following the publication of a route map document today which outlines the Scottish Government’s planned future response to the COVID19 Pandemic – the First Minister has announced, that the Scottish Government is currently planning for the reopening of Scottish schools on 11th August 2020.

This announcement is part of a wider planned route map on the reopening of schools and ELC settings which can be accessed here –

We understand that this will be an anxious and uncertain time for many people, including parents and carers.  For that reason the Scottish Government have produced a Q&A document to support parents and carers at this time.  This document covers some of the key questions that parents will have with regard to the safe reopening of schools and ELC settings.  This information has been published on the Scottish Government’s Parent Club website and can be accessed at –

22nd May 2020, 11:48am

Letter to CEs DoEs Strategic Framework – 21 May 2020





Thank you so much for all of your support in this difficult and strange situation.  Please also don’t forget that we know how much you as parents/carers are doing in this and that you are making a positive difference.  Staff here have been working hard on all that they would normally do, but I assure you that they are also going well above and beyond for Newbattle.

Planning Around Schools Re-opening

Please find attached a letter explaining First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon’s, announcement yesterday with regards to schools re-opening.  We also attach the full document for you to read.  Please be assured that this is not the start of planning for your child’s return.  Newbattle SLT have already been discussing this very regularly.  The national Education Recovery Group and SLTs union School Leader Scotland have also kept us directly updated weekly on the 10 different workstream groups who all focus on different areas of school return.   Midlothian also has a Strategic Planning Group with Primary and Secondary Head Teachers.  The communication from all of these groups has been regular and strong.

We are excited to continue planning the return of our pupils.  We have questions which we need to address from yesterday and then a significant amount of planning at all levels to ensure a safe return to formal school, in a blended approach, with the potential return date of August 11th for close to 1000 pupils and 100 staff.  In short, it will be great to see our brilliant students again in a safe manner.

School Work and Distance Learning

We fully understand how difficult it is balancing life, work and school. BGE and Senior Phase classes continue to have work posted on Google classrooms. The schoolwork pupils complete and return  will certainly help keep your child’s learning on track and also make sure that they are ready for returning to the new normal.  The more they do the less they will fall behind others.  Please encourage our students to do as much as they can and return it back to teachers.  With 3 kids of my own, I fully appreciate the balancing and motivational dips which are natural. There are “How to Guides” on our website to support learners and parents with digital learning, you can also request direct technical support on anything connected to Digital Learning from the school website. Pupils can contact their subject teachers through their Google classrooms. Our pastoral team continues to support pupils and families with distance learning.

Timetable Change

Our new timetable will start on 1st June.  Parents/Carers and students will be issued with information regarding new timetables and how to access new Google Classrooms towards the end of next week.

Primary Transition

We have added a Primary Transition tile to our website for parents/carers/pupils moving from P7 to Newbattle High School after the summer.  We will add further information to this as plans develop in the coming weeks.  All Midlothian Primary pupils moving to Newbattle have been invited to join a Google classroom where we are introducing them to life at Newbattle. Primary and High School staff are working together remotely to ensure relevant information is shared prior to the move.

A Virtual Tour of our building with introductions to our departments and many staff will be available on the website soon!

Parent Council

We held a Parent Council this week on Zoom to keep them informed.  The minutes will soon be on our website.  This provided detail on every member of SLT’s remits including how much effort is going in from our staff at all levels to continue learning, whilst preparing for the blended learning approach of part-time in school and part-time at home from August.  It was reassuring, and humbling, to be given the thanks that they gave to pass on to all of our staff.

The National Parent Forum 

The National Parent Forum has produced some really useful documents for you.

  • Learning At Home in Lockdown
  • Online Safety
  • Securing your Devices

Thank you for your continued support and we are here to support.

Newbattle High School Senior Leadership Team

1st May, 2020, 2:00pm

S3/4/5 May Qualifications

During the month of May Senior Phase students (current S4/5) would normally be sitting their exams.  As these are no longer taking place, and courses are now completed, we have put in place wider achievement awards for all students.  We have also made the decision to include the current S3 students in these arrangements as they will be moving into the Senior Phase in June when the timetable changes.  These awards will help to enhance the suite of qualifications senior students achieve next session.  The following year groups will work on the courses below until the change of timetable on the 1st June. Each qualification has a Google Classroom code and students should join the classrooms and start this work next week (4th May).  From June onwards all students will start their new qualifications and will continue to complete any wider achievement awards in what would have been their Core time.  We will be in touch soon to let students know what their new timetable will be for June.  If they have any questions regarding their new timetables they should contact the House Teams through their PSE Google Classrooms.

Current S3 Students

Qualification Google Classroom Code
English/Literacy Continue in current class
Maths/Numeracy Continue in current class
Religious, Beliefs and Values Award (level 5) nechf73
Wellbeing Award dyxhgrd

Current S4 Students

Qualification Google Classroom Code
Scottish Studies (level 5/6) 7h6nczw
Religious, Beliefs and Values Award (level 5/6) jxeizt3
Wellbeing Award rpaqdtb
Leadership (level 5) ikxskbp
Mental Health and Wellbeing Award (Level 5) fd4xq3z
PC Passport 53uehb6

Current S5 Students

Qualification Google Classroom Code
Scottish Studies (level 5/6) hkdlc5m
Religious, Beliefs and Values Award (level 5/6) jxeizt3
Wellbeing Award x4pufng
Leadership (level 6) ks5pcbl
Mental Health and Wellbeing Award (Level 5) fd4xq3z
PC Passport 53uehb6

Thank you for your continued support and we are here to support.

Newbattle High School Senior Leadership Team

24th April 2020, 11:03am

Thank you very much for your continued support.  Now that the Easter holidays are over, staff are uploading new learning to the google classrooms.  Our teams continue to call pupils and support families however we can.  The Hub continues to support children of Key Workers who have been allocated a place.


To date we have managed to distribute nearly 300 devices to help our families with Distance Learning.  We still have a limited number available on request and subject to situations.

Timetable Change

Our calendar date for timetable change is still on track for the 1st June.  All students will be contacted in May with information regarding the classes they will be timetabled into and how to access distance learning in their new classes.  If any student has concerns regarding their coursing next session, they can contact members of the House Teams via their PSE Google Classrooms.

S3/4/5 May Qualifications

During the month of May Senior Phase students would normally be sitting their exams, as these are no longer taking place we are putting in place wider achievement awards for students to complete.  These awards will help to enhance the suite of qualifications senior students achieve next session.  More details will follow next week with regards to what qualifications will be delivered and how to access the work.


The SQA have provided a further update this week which can be found on the SQA website using the following link

Our teaching staff are continuing to work with students to ensure evidence has been gathered and that estimated grades are produced in a fair and consistent way.  Please be assured that our teaching staff have the skills and experience to make an accurate judgement of what each young person is capable of achieving. We are ensuring that this is a rigorous process and that no students will not be disadvantaged. Any exceptional circumstances and improvements in attainment will also be taken into account.

Here is Midlothian’s statement on SQA.

Recognising Pupils’ Examination Achievements

Midlothian Council’s response to SQA announcement April 2020             

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) has confirmed the process for determining 2020 results following the suspension of the normal examination diet due to COVID-19.

Senior pupils across Midlothian have been given assurances that fairness and integrity will be key when determining exam results this year.

The Scottish Qualifications Authority has this week issued guidelines and further details on the certification model for all pupils.

Underpinning the national approach will be three key principles.

These are:

  • Fairness to all learners
  • Safe and secure certification of our qualifications, while following the latest public health advice
  • Maintaining the integrity and credibility of the qualifications system, ensuring that standards are maintained over time, in the interests of learners.

The estimates from teachers or lecturers will be submitted to SQA by May 29.

Results are due to be issued on August 4.

After 4 August, a free appeals service will be available to schools and colleges, to allow them to request a review of the grade awarded for a learner or a group of learners

We appreciate your continued cooperation and support during these unprecedented times and ask that you do not contact your school regarding estimated grades. Parents and Pupils can find further details at

The SQA have also outlined answers to a number of Frequently Asked Questions.

The SQA recommends that all learners sign-up to MySQA to receive their results by text and/or email. Any learner who has previously signed up to receive their results through MySQA will continue to do so, and the SQA are asking those learners to review their profile to make sure their contact details are up to date.

Term 4 and Looking Beyond Lockdown

Thank you to our whole community for following government advice about staying home, protecting our NHS and saving lives.  Midlothian has set up a Strategic Group including Head Teachers to consult, discuss and formulate plans for this term and beyond.

The Scottish Government has issued a document on support in term 4 and a discussion paper about beyond lockdown as below.  Please be assured that our staff are continuing to work extremely hard in all aspects of supporting learning whilst continuing with what we have to do as a school in preparation for next year.  This includes SQA estimates where SQA will award the grade, preparing for our new timetable, supporting transitions of all year groups to move up a year, professional training and learning, recruiting new staff etc.

Thank you for your continued support and we are here to support.

Newbattle High School Senior Leadership Team

17th April 2020, 14:17pm


Newbattle Senior Leadership Team

9th April 2020, 11:03am

Free School Meals

Midlothian Council have now set up a BACS payment for all Secondary pupils S1-S6 entitled to FSM, households where there are Secondary age children and younger siblings will receive payments for all children. However families with children only in Primary schools will not receive the payment but will continue to receive food.

This will be processed as a 4 week period direct to families, the first run will be from Monday 6th April to Friday 1st May and then processed in subsequent 4 week periods. The first payment will be in parents accounts on 9/4/20.

If you have not received your payment please contact your School (via email or through our form to our Pastoral team in the first instance who will be able to offer assistance.

During the Easter break any family that is having trouble accessing their funds, leaving the house or has received a shielding letter should contact Heather Ritchie .This will revert to Hub managers in schools after the Easter Break.

Thank you again for all of your kind comments.  We hope that you are all well and endeavour to support you as much as we can.

Newbattle Senior Leadership Team

3rd April 2020, 12.30pm

SQA Update

Our staff are continuing to support our Senior Phase students with their SQA courses through digital learning and we strongly encourage all young people to continue to engage with this.  It will not only support students in their current courses but will also help them to prepare for future courses.

The SQA have issued a further update to all schools which can be found on their website.  They have also produced guidance for learners, parents and carers which can be found on their website or using the following link

The main points from the update are summarised below:

Teachers will continue to use their professional judgement, and knowledge of learners’ work, to make an estimate of their grade and band. This will be based on learners’ demonstrated and inferred attainment of the required skills, knowledge and understanding for each course at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.  This will provide SQA with the information needed to allow us to adjust estimates where necessary, to ensure consistency both across the country, and in comparison with previous years.

The SQA will provide detailed guidance to schools on how to determine and submit estimate information by 20th April 2020 and have extended the existing deadline for receiving these estimates to 29th May, from the original date of 24th April.

Due to the latest public health advice on social distancing, the SQA announced last week that they would not be marking coursework for Higher and Advanced Higher courses.  While considering the required arrangements the SQA have confirmed that they can no longer proceed with the marking of the National 5 coursework received to date, in a safe and secure manner, that maintains the integrity of national standards.  Schools are also no longer being asked to submit marks for internally assessed coursework.

National 2, National 3 and National 4 qualifications are made up of units, and an added value unit at National 4, which are internally assessed as pass or fail by the school and externally quality assured by SQA.

Schools will provide the SQA with unit results based on either existing evidence from assessments that have already been completed, and/or by using their professional judgement of your work through the year.  This is also the case for National Certificates, National Progression Awards, Skills for Work courses, and Awards.  The results will be submitted to the SQA, in the normal way, by 22nd May.

The SQA are working to ensure that learners will receive their results no later than Tuesday 4th August, as originally planned.  We strongly recommend that learners sign-up online to MySQA in order to receive their results by text and/or email.  A free appeals service will be available, to ensure that schools continue to have a mechanism to question any result.

SQA is in regular discussion with UCAS (the University and College Admission Service), Colleges Scotland, and Universities Scotland, who are fully aware of the situation and will help learners to progress on to the next stage of their education or employment.  They are also in close discussion with Skills Development Scotland, to ensure employers and their representatives are kept aware of the decisions being made.

As soon as any further updates arise we will ensure we pass them onto you as quickly as possible.


Thank you for your continued support in the last few weeks through difficult times.  Staff will resume learning on Monday 20th April 2020.

Newbattle High School Senior Leadership Team

2nd April 2020, 11:00am


If your child has been issued a Chromebook by the school, please note that only your child can sign into the Chromebook using their Glow login details.  Video instructions have been added to the distance learning guides tile, which can be found on the Parent/Carer launchpad.

Wellbeing Update – Contacting the House Teams

Our House Teams and Pastoral Team are working hard to support pupils/parents/carers during this time.  Many of you have already been in contact with them and they will continue to provide pastoral support from a distance.

If you need to get in touch to make them aware of anything in relation to your child, or have a query,  then please complete the form which has been added to the Parent/ Carer Launchpad homepage.

Responses will go to Miss Hume (DHT Pupil Support) who will then pass on your concern to the appropriate member of the Pastoral Team.

Pupils are also able to stay in contact with the House Teams via their PSE Google Classrooms.

We have also added a link on our Home page to the Midlothian Educational Psychology Blog which has useful links and tips to support us all during this time.

Newbattle High School Senior Leadership Team

31st March, 11:00am

Click Here To Access The Parent/Carer launchpad

Easter Holidays

We are sure you are now beginning to get used to supporting your child(ren) with their learning.  Please be aware that there will be no learning set for the Easter holidays and teachers will not be communicating online during the Easter holidays either.  We will resume learning on 20th April 2020.  A huge number of staff at Newbattle have volunteered to keep our Key Worker Hub open to help the front line workers fighting against COVID-19.

Continuing to Get Devices Out

We have worked hard to get devices ready for learners (limited number) and are now starting to release them in a safe manner.  This will continue after Easter.  Thank you for your patience with this.


We continue to await any further advice from SQA.  As soon as we do, then we will let you know.

Newbattle Hub

Newbattle as a front line Key Worker Hub has been working successfully with all children, young people and staff working together to maintain a safe working environment.  Key Workers children are provided the opportunity to continue with their learning at a ratio of 1:5 and always being at least 2m apart.  Newbattle Hub will continue to serve these families’ children over Easter.  Staff here have volunteered to give up their Easter holiday in support of them.

Continued Support

Our staff continue to provide support to families (Free School Meals, delivery of learning packs or other products).  Our Pupil Support Team and other staff continue to call home to check in how things are going and to answer any questions.  We will continue to do this.

Again as COVID-19 progresses, our firm focus is on helping support you in whichever way we can.


Newbattle High School Senior Leadership Team

28th March 2020, 14:30pm

Dear Parents / Carers,

Please access the following link for your child’s Google Classroom codes.

Best regards,

Learning Technology Department

27th March 2020, 12:30pm

We encourage you to get all up to date information at Midlothian Council’s website

Thank you for all of your support.  All of our staff are working tirelessly to help families.  We are so impressed with our students’ response to Distance Learning.  All teachers have now set up Google Classrooms or Microsoft Teams and are posting work, a list of classroom codes can be found on the parent/carer launch pad (link below). Pupils should use these codes to join classrooms for every one of their time tabled classes.

Follow us on twitter @newbattlehigh for digital and distance learning updates, advice and resources.

The way the school and wider community has pulled together was epitomised this week through the use of our 3D printers to begin to create face shields for our NHS and care workers. Please tag us if you have any good news story, as well as #kindnessmidlothian.

We have updated the website to now have a parent/carer tile to help with Distance Learning.

There is also an opportunity to request support at the top of this page.

We are focused on getting devices to pupils who need them. We will start to see them with students next week. In the meantime phones, xbox and Ps4 can be used to access Glow tools. User guides will be tweeted and have been added to the parent/carer and pupil launchpad.

Newbattle High School Senior Leadership Team

25th March 2020, 11:00am

We encourage you to get all up to date information at Midlothian Council’s website

Thank you for all of your support.  All of our staff are working tirelessly to help families.  We are so impressed with our students responding to Distance Learning.

We have updated the website to now have a parent/carer tile to help with Distance Learning.  There is also an opportunity to request support at the top of this page.

SQA Statement on Coursework for National Courses

We understand that students, staff and parent/carers need more clarity to the statement given by the SQA.  When more information comes, we will pass this on to you quickly. The biggest question we can answer just now is that students’ coursework will count as strong evidence for the estimate the teacher will give.

Full SQA Statement

Please see below the full SQA statement that we are working with.

Following the announcement by the First Minister on Sunday, that no young person with SQA coursework to complete should attend school to do so, we continue to work hard on how we should take coursework evidence into account, in determining young people’s final grades.

Everyone here at SQA will do their utmost, given the current situation, and with the support of the education system, to ensure that learners’ hard work is rightly and fairly recognised and allows them to proceed to further learning or work.

The current public health advice has meant that we have had to make some really difficult decisions about coursework. This means that for this year, schools and colleges are not required to submit learner coursework for marking, in Higher and Advanced Higher courses.

We have taken this difficult decision to be as fair as possible to all Higher and Advanced Higher candidates, whilst taking on board the current public health advice, the many varied coursework requirements across different subjects, and how these are managed in schools and colleges across the country.

I appreciate that some learners may have already completed their coursework for Higher and Advanced Higher courses. This work can still be used as part of the suite of evidence for teachers and lecturers to draw on as they consider estimated grades.

We have received coursework for a range of National 5 subjects and have contacted National 5 coursework markers to confirm marking arrangements. All National 5 coursework, due to be uplifted in April and May, will not be submitted for marking.

We will provide further details on the estimation of grades, that we will need from teachers and lecturers to inform certification, and fuller details of our approach to certification, as soon as possible.

This is an unprecedented situation for us all, and circumstances are rapidly changing. With every change in circumstances, we continue to consider how best to recognise learner achievement in as fair a way as possible.

Please be assured that everyone here at SQA is fully committed to working with you to deliver for Scotland’s young people. Thank you for your patience and continued cooperation.

Fiona Robertson

SQA Chief Executive and Scotland’s Chief Examiner

Again we value your support in these changing times.

Newbattle High School Senior Leadership Team

24th March 2020, 11:30pm

We encourage you to get all up to date information at Midlothian Council’s website

Following the Prime Minister last night enforcing that the country is now in ‘lock down’, please help us and follow all the advice given.  Newbattle staff continue to work hard for our pupils in a very new and demanding situation.

Departments and teachers are posting work on Google classrooms as normal with around 90% of classes up and running. Teachers are prioritising getting quality resources and activities to pupils through the Google classroom. All subject groups will be online by the very latest, Monday 30th March. A full list will be published on our website.

All Newbattle pupils have their usernames and passwords to access GLOW  , username takes the form MC…… with Google Apps on their personal device  and links sent by teachers can log in directly with the username (mc……

Pupils should be mindful of being signed into their personal Gmail accounts at the same time as signing into Glow. To reduce issues,  learners can use a different browser than they normally would such as Edge or Firefox to avoid problems.

We are currently updating our website to support pupils and parents with guidance on home learning including; how to guides, video walk through support, alternative ways to access digital learning tools such as Xbox and PS4 guides, technical support requests and links to resources that we have subscriptions to such as Achieve, Linguascope and Scholar. We will also add links to other free services that parent/carer/pupils can access such BBC as Bitesize, Sumdog, Mimo App and Scratch.

We are processing requests for home devices, this is currently a challenge given the lockdown and social distancing measures.

Newbattle Senior Leadership Team

23rd March 2020, 19:30pm

We encourage you to get all up to date information at Midlothian Council’s website

As you will appreciate this is a national health crisis and is being treated as such.  We continue to provide you with as much current information as possible.

We are also on limited staffing for safety reasons and continue to support this following Government guidance.  This means that office staff for example will not be in school to answer the phone and only vital emails will be answered.  Thank you for your patience with this. Please trust the communication coming to you from GroupCall, this website or Midlothian’s website.

We have moved quickly in light of Government advice to only Key Worker children (through Midlothian application) in school.  No other pupils are to attend Newbattle this week.

We continue with our work to ensure all free school meal entitled pupils to receive these daily through staff volunteering to deliver and drop off safely.

We await further updates and advice from SQA.  Senior Phase pupils should work through materials on Google Classrooms, SCHOLAR, ACHIEVE etc as previously asked.  Principal Teachers are planning coursework completion options where we can. We are looking to prioritise our digital devices through a user agreement and to Senior Phase pupils as soon as we can safely.

Class teachers continue to upload materials for all other pupils to Google Classroom.  Students without devices or internet will be given photocopied packs to last long enough in the interim.  More information to follow.Again, staff here are going above and beyond, we are overwhelmed with volunteer responses and they are certainly putting Newbattle pupils firmly first.

Newbattle High School Senior Leadership Team

23rd March 2020, 14:02pm

Dear Parent / Carer

SQA Exam Diet

You will know by now that the 2020 exam diet has been cancelled and yesterday, Sunday 22 March, the Depute First Minister provided local authorities with updated advice in relation to S4-S6 pupils. As a result of this advice, S4-S6 pupils should NOT go into school for any reason. An exception, however, is vulnerable S4-S6 pupils who access Complex Needs Provision. They should follow individual arrangements already in place for them with their school.

Part of the normal preparation for achieving a qualification includes completing coursework, assignments and folios. Certification will be based on both predicted attainment, coursework and assessment throughout this year. Certification will NOT be based solely on prelim performance. Where possible, S4-S6 pupils, should finish their coursework at home and schools will make arrangements to provide further guidance and support to S4-S6 pupils in due course. Schools, as of today, Monday 23 March 2020, will be working with staff to plan this support. Please do not contact your child’s school for information as to how they should complete their coursework or their predicted grades as this work is not yet complete and further information will be provided in due course.

I want to reassure you and your children that teachers, who know your children well as learners, will be doing everything possible to ensure they get their best possible qualification.

Thank you for your patience and support

22nd March 2020, 19:49pm

C-19 Update

No pupils are to attend Newbattle High School tomorrow Monday 23rd March 2020

We have just been informed, Sunday 22 March 2020, by John Swinney, Depute First Minister of updated advice to all local authorities in relation to S4-S6 pupils. As a result of this advice, S4-S6 pupils should NOT go into school for any reason. An exception, however, is vulnerable S4-S6 pupils who access Complex Needs Provision. They should follow individual arrangements already in place for them with their school.

Instead, where possible, S4-S6 pupils, should finish their course work at home and schools will make arrangements to provide further guidance and support to S4-S6 pupils in due course. Schools, as of tomorrow, Monday 23 March 2020, will be working with staff to plan this support.

Further details will be coming from the SQA about how pupils’ qualifications and achievements will be graded in the light of this latest decision announced today by Deputy First Minister, John Swinney.

Click here for a copy of the announcement

We thank you for your support and patience as things progress and decisions are made.

Newbattle High School Senior Leadership Team

Important Documents

Please see the important documents below regarding guidance for parents & carers.

20th March 2020, 16:00pm

Newbattle High School currently has no confirmed cases of C-19.

We encourage you to get all up to date information at Midlothian Council’s website

We have been amazed at the positive attitude and helpfulness of our S4-S6 students today.  We continue with our earlier update.

From Monday 23rd March 2020 onwards


  • Only students who have any outstanding coursework in any subject should attend for 8:30am and register in our Bitesite.  They will then be directed to the subject area to complete the tasks required.

Pupils who have been contacted by our Pupil Support staff

  • These pupils report to school at 8:30am for a planned timetable of learning activities

Thank you for your continued support in these challenging times.

Newbattle High School Senior Leadership Team

20th March 2020, 10:00am

Newbattle High School currently has no confirmed cases of C-19.

We encourage you to get all up to date information at Midlothian Council’s website

Clarifying Next Week

Thank you for your patience around what our Newbattle Hub will look like next week.  We are working with the information we currently have.

  • All staff fit for work will be reporting to work here at Newbattle
  • Staff self-isolating will continue with the development of learning materials as directed by their Faculty Heads
  • School is closed to all pupils (with exceptions)
  • Newbattle will open next week as Newbattle Hub.  This is for;
    • S4-S6 targeted Newbattle pupils to complete subject units, assignments, portfolios etc.  We will notify these pupils individually via GroupCall
    • S1-S6 targeted Newbattle pupils. We will notify these pupils individually via GroupCall
    • S1-S3 Key Workers’ children
    • Uniform is not needed for students

Please bear with us.  We are working as quickly as we can towards full learning activities on and off line.

Newbattle High School Senior Leadership Team

19th March 2020, 17:00pm

Newbattle High School currently has no confirmed cases of C-19.

We encourage you to get all up to date information at Midlothian Council’s website  Their most recent update is below.  We continue to be open to run S4-S6 as normal.

Thank you again.

Newbattle High School Senior Leadership Team

Midlothian Council Update

Monday 23 March until further notice:

All Schools will be closed to Primary Pupils and S1-3 Pupils with the following exceptions:

  • Saltersgate School will remain open to support our children with severe and complex needs. The Head Teacher will be in contact with individual families outlining the individual arrangements which will be in place.
  • All Secondary Schools will be open to S4-6 Pupils only in order to complete any SQA mandatory coursework and assessments prior to the published deadlines. Please refer to individual High School Websites for further updates. We are planning a phased approach to distance learning however priority will be given to S4-S6 to begin with.
  • We are now focussed on planning for the families of staff belonging to the following groups key worker groups: Emergency Services, NHS, Health and Social Care Partnership including Care at Home, Teachers and Council Staff who have requested assistance with Childcare in order to ensure that we deliver critical services.  This requested provision will be delivered through 4 secondary and 4 primary schools acting as Hubs. Individual Schools will be in touch with the individual families to alert them to the arrangements which will be put in place.
  • Free School Meals: We are currently working with catering services in order to finalise arrangements for the distribution of food for children entitled to free school meals and further information will be communicated as soon as plans have been finalised.

Public health advice and guidance should continue to be followed for staff and pupils with underlying health conditions and self-isolation.

As you will appreciate there is significant planning needed to move this forward and we will continue to update our website to keep you informed.

You can listen to the Deputy First Minister’s announcement at this link:

19th March 2020, 09:00am

Newbattle High School currently has no confirmed cases of C-19.

Thank you for your understanding of our situation.  Staff are continuing to work extremely hard in preparation for the full school closure coming.  This includes preparation of extra materials through Distance Learning, prioritised allocation of devices with the associated logistics of distribution and being committed to providing the best for our SQA pupils.

Staff will be provided necessary training from Monday which includes remote training for our large number of self-isolating staff.

We also await today’s announcement from Mr Swinney around exams, course work and assignments, so will be able to update you after this with the facts.

We continue to work with Midlothian Council in contingency planning and will provide a further update later today.

Our students have handled this brilliantly and continue to do so.

Newbattle Senior Leadership Team

18th March 2020, 17:00pm

Update On School Closure

Newbattle High School currently has no confirmed cases of C-19.

Following the First Minister’s announcement, I can confirm that school closes to ALL pupils on Monday 23rd March 2020 with Friday being our last day for the foreseeable future.  Only S4, S5 and S6 will be in school tomorrow Thursday 19th March and Friday 20th March 2020.

S1, S2 and S3 are to stay at home Thursday 19th March and Friday 20th March 2020, due to a number of our staff at Newbattle High School following the latest NHS advice and self-isolating. This impacts on our ability to provide a ‘normal service’.  This approach allows our school to prioritise both the resources we have and Senior Phase classes as these students work towards SQA performances and deadlines.

Please see previous update on information around Distance Learning.  We are currently looking at devices for students needing one and prioritising.  Students entitled to Free School Meals are welcome to join us for lunch on both days.

We will continue to update parent/carers on a regular basis on the school website and through GroupCall.

You can also find the latest information on the coronavirus on the council’s website, including links to public health advice, at

At this sensitive time, we have really appreciated the attitude of our students’ and staff, community spirit and supportive messages from parent/carers.  Thank you!

Newbattle High School Senior Leadership Team

18th March 2020, 11:25am

Newbattle High School currently has no confirmed cases of C-19.  School continues to be open at the moment and we are monitoring staffing levels and developments carefully.

Our staff continue to work above and beyond to ensure the highest quality of learning is happening.  We are very impressed with our students’ strong focus continuing on learning and supporting us at this time.

Distance Learning From Home

All passwords have been given out and used since August.  Passwords can be sent/re-set if asked for via your teacher or making contact with the school.  We have been reviewing the provision of learning from home to ensure there are no barriers.

S1 – S3

Classwork for most pupils can already be accessed on Google Classroom and Glow apps.  All pupils know how to access this via the Glow portal (  Staff and pupils are experienced in using this regularly.


Sharp focus continues for our senior phase students.  Distance learning continues through Glow as above.  Other resources include;

SCHOLAR – on the tile on Glow or



BBC Bitesize –

We have decided to continue with masterclasses, study support etc in support where we can.

Confirmation that Newbattle Campus Sport & Leisure, the community library and the café are currently closed.  More information can be found on Midlothian’s website for these services as above.

Self-Isolating Pupils

For those pupils self-isolating, please ensure that the national advice is followed and do not send your child back to school before their due date.  We have a record of self-isolating pupils and their return date.

Social Media

We endeavour to answer all questions via telephone or email.  We do not comment on individual circumstances or respond to questions on social media.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Once again, thank you for your continued support at this time.

Newbattle Senior Leadership Team

17th March 2020, 14:28pm

Newbattle High School currently has no confirmed cases of C-19.  School continues to be open at the moment and we are monitoring staffing levels and developments carefully.

Thank you for your trust and patience.  We continue to follow NHS and Scottish Government guidance.

We have added this tile to our website to help with communication and we will also use GroupCall, twitter (@NewbattleHigh and @NewbattleCHSHT) and Newbattle app.

Please be assured that all necessary planning is in place to protect our students’ learning.  This includes continuing with our existing Google classrooms which we use daily, GLOW apps, SCHOLAR, ACHIEVE, BBC Bitesize and other directed materials.

SQA continue with the statement as issued previously and staff at Newbattle are working hard to ensure all necessary evidence is collated.  At the moment, SQA exams are continuing.  Please encourage all senior students to sign up to ‘MySQA’ at

At this time, we are taking the decision to postpone any after school activities clubs e.g sport, music etc.  We will continue with senior phase masterclasses and will monitor numbers.

Thank you for your continued support through this uncertain time.

Newbattle Senior Leadership Team