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Peak Performance

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Pupils performing in Back to the Eighties in March 2007

Trapped! - school musical and Peak Performance production- 2010

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Peak Performance (PP) is an innovative, crosscurricular experience that involves all pupils from S2, S5 and S6, for one period every week. Peak Performance is a truly enterprising initiative, which focuses on developing our pupils' leadership, communication and teamwork skills.

Departments from all across the school are involved. There are 20 different groupings spread out over nine subject areas: PE Sports Academies, Art and Design, Music, Drama, CDT (STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), Home Economics (Newbattle Bake Off), RME (Global Events, Charity Work and Debates), Business & IT, English (Creative Writing) and Media Production.

Senior pupils will have an opportunity to lead and mentor younger pupils and work towards the nationally recognised, Saltire Award. The focus for some of the groups is a whole school event such as a Musical, a Fashion/Dance Show or a Play. Pupils can also get involved in sports coaching and playing for school teams

There are two main elements to Peak Performance:

  1. Cross-curricular work in Art, Business Education, Drama, HE, Music, PE and CDT, in which pupils take the lead in every aspect of the production of the school fashion, dance musical or musical theatre event. In recent years pupils have produced musical theatre performances Trapped! and Back to the 80s, a fashion/dance extravaganza and dance shows and festivals. The school has also presented two major showcases of pupils’ work called the 1000×1000 exhibitions. These have celebrated the fact that every single pupil in our school has something worthwhile to contribute to their school and community. This year pupils will present a musical theatre production which has been scripted, scored and choreographed entirely by themselves. What a talented bunch!
  2. The development of Academies in PE devoted to developing pupils' playing and leadership skills in a sport that is of particular interest to them. The school recently won the opportunity to become an SFA School of Football, thereby enhancing the excellent range of opportunities made available to our pupils.

Peak Performance Options

All S2, S5 and S6 pupils must select their options for Peak Performance. They will take part in these activities throughout the year for one period a week. The following options have been offered, though not all will take place in a given year depending on uptake:

Department S2 Options
S5/6 Options
Home Economics

Newbattle Bake Off

Bake Off Leadership


Musical Theatre


Musical Theatre Leadership

Drama Leadership

Quad (Garden and Eco Schools)

Quad Squad (Garden and Eco Schools)

Quad Squad Leadership

Global Events

Global Events Leadership

Creative Writing


Creative Writing Leadership

Media Leadership

Yearbook - (S6 only) Yearbook Committee
Art Art and Design Art and Design Leadership
Business & IT Business Challenge Business Challenge Leadership
STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Maths)
STEM Leadership

Football Academy

Basketball Academy

Dance Academy

Rugby Academy


Football Leadership

Basketball Leadership

Dance Leadership

Rugby Leadership

Mr Frame's Football

PP staff leaders have reported a distinct improvement in pupils’ subject-specific skills as a result of PP involvement. The relevance of the work and the development of greater self-reliance are contributing factors.

The 1000×1000 Exhibition in 2009Peak Performance in the Senior Phase

Our senior pupils take responsibility for a range of activities in class groupings combining S2 with S5/S6 pupils. In 'Peak Performance' groups we aim to develop leadership skills.

The following core elements are expected of our seniors. Pupils will…

  1. Take responsibility for encouraging junior pupils to participate fully in activities and remain on task.
  1. Assist the teacher in explaining tasks to junior pupils.
  1. Act as a role model to S2 in relation to conduct, attitude and motivation.
  1. Act as a role model for S2/S5 pupils in leadership and teamwork (S6).

By participating in these activities our senior pupils develop life, work, social and leadership skills in a practical and supportive environment. These are skills that colleges, universities and employers are looking for.

Latest News and Examples of Pupils' Work

Photo Galleries of Peak Performance productions:

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