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Maths Department

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National 5 Mathematics

Revision Notes: National 5 Maths (use the username and password you should have been told in class)

  • Calculator: an online scientific calculator (if you are using this for sine, cos or tan questions, you will need to change the setting at the top from radians to degrees)

Past SQA Exam Papers and Mark Schemes

The following links are for the old Intermediate 2 courses (which are equivalent to National 5), but will still provide useful practice for anybody revising for a National 5 exam.

Homework and Revision - KEY RESOURCES

  • Notes Booklets - has produced a comprehensive set of notes for National 4 Lifeskills Mathematics to help you with revision: this booklet can be bought from your class teacher for £1 (to cover the cost of photocopying), or can be downloaded here (password required):
  • Formulae Sheets: identical to those you will get in the exam. National 5 Maths FormulaeMiss Leighton's S3 maths class
  • Question and Answer style notes on the entire course: Intermediate 2 Facts booklet (for the old Intermediate 2 course - to be updated). This can be used as a "test yourself" booklet; or can be used with parents/carers or friends who can ask questions to see if you know the answers.
  • Revision book and answers (password protected. Ask your teacher or check your homework sheet to find the password)

Additional Classwork and Revising for the Exam

  • Formula sheet
  • The SCHOLAR Programme Login Page - all pupils studying Maths at National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher levels will have been automatically registered for SCHOLAR. If you do not know your username (which is your SQA candidate number) or password, your class teacher should be able to help you.
  • BBC Bitesize Revision: National 5 Mathematics
  • A maths dictionary for kids - use this if you are not sure what a word means.
  • Exercises - A good way to revise the work we do during class is to use these booklets from the old Intermediate 2 course (which matches some of the content of National 5), which contain some of the exercises that we use in class. Solutions are at the end of each file.